Blacklisted Private Ark Server

Purpose of this Ark server:

Main Goal – to allow the casual player to enjoy all aspects of Ark with friends or alone without needing to spend countless hours to do so!

This server is primarily a place for members of guild to come for PVE/PVP fun. It is a PVP server so if you get wiped don’t get salty. Most people on here aren’t out to ruin your life’s work though. If you need help with killing or taming something, you’re probably on you’re own unless you have something to trade for. Feel free to bring your friends or make some new ones and join up together as a functioning tribe!

As it’s a PVP server, it’s you vs everything if you choose so and possibly even if you don’t choose so. Stay on your toes and expect the unexpected!

As Admin, I won’t spawn things in for myself or others so don’t ask. I understand some funky things can happen in Ark so I may help in those situations just don’t expect it.


If you have any problems my name is Milk, feel free to get @ me.

High Level Ark Server Settings:


Mods Used:
Automated Ark: 812655342
HG Stackin Mod:849985437
Platform+: 719928795
Rawr Beacons: 557147187
S+: 731604991
Utilites+: 899250777
Wooden Hanging Bridges: 893834064

Harvest Rate – 3x
Harvest Health – 3x
Taming Rate – 15x
XP Rate – 3x
Egg Hatch Rate – 100x
Baby Mature Rate – 40x

Last Wiped:
October 11, 2018

Server is saved, patched and updated on a regular basis.